Importing users and groups with LDAP import

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This article describes how you can import users and groups with LDAP import.

To import users and groups with LDAP import:

  1. Set up an LDAP or FILE import profile from Groups and Users > Import/Auth Profiles.
  2. There's a profile available by default, click on it.


  3. The below window opens. Select Advanced LDAP Options >> to view all fields. Fill in the fields as necessary.


    Setting Value
    Host/IP Address Active directory server
    Base DN A Distinguishable name for the AD scope. Example: DC=mc2008,DC=fi
    Bind DN

    The user whose credentials are used to access the AD. Use the User Principal Name (UPN), "internet-style name".

    Example: [email protected]

  4. Go to the Advanced tab. The below window opens. Fill in the fields as necessary.


    Setting Value
    Filter Active Directory Query Parameters TIP: (Example: mail=*
    Map UID to Attribute Unique Attribute in the LDAP Directory

User Import - Advanced examples

Import one specific domain
Exclude objects (NOT)
(&(mail=*)(!(UserAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))) Ignore disabled users
Use two attributes (AND)
Use two attributes (OR)
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