How to use emergency actions to get specific emails through

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There might be cases where legitimate email is considered as spam. This may happen, for example, with automated systems generating non-standard SMTP messages. If emails end up in the quarantine, here's how to proceed.

To find, identify and release messages:

  1. In urgent situations, use SmartSearch to look for the email in question.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass to go directly to the message in the quarantine: emergency_actions1.png
  3. Select the checkbox and click Release to release the message: emergency_actions2.png
  4. Create a custom rule to let these messages pass through also in the future:
    1. Use SmartSearch to check the sender's IP address.
    2. Go to SpamDetection > Custom Rules and create a new rule by selecting Add rule.
    3. Create a rule for the sender's IP address: emergency_actions3.png
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