How to set a domain-specific spam policy?

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This article describes how you can create a domain-specific spam policy. At first, you need to add a domain group, then add a spam policy.

To add a domain group:

  1. Go to System > Inbound mail.
  2. Select the inbound mail domain for which you want to create the spam policy. Select its checkbox: domain_specific_spam_policy_1.png
  3. Select Create Domain Group Per Domain. When the group has been added, the following message is shown: domain_specific_spam_policy_2.png

To add a spam policy:

  1. Go to Spam Detection > Policies > Policies.
  2. Select Add Policy:


  3. Fill in the name and description for the policy settings. You can copy the settings from an existing policy, for example, from the default spam policy:


  4. Select Save Changes. The new spam policy should now be visible in the list.
  5. Uncheck End User Visible and select Save Changes:


  6. It's a good idea to have a separate quarantine folder for emails to a specific domain. To do this, edit a rule by selecting its Edit button:


  7. To create a new folder, select New Folder:


  8. Give a name for the folder.
  9. On the Disposition tab, specify for how long the items will be kept before they'll be deleted automatically:


  10. On the Services tab, set Include in Digest to On:


    This will put the quarantined messages into the end-user digest. Save changes by selecting Add Entry.
  11. Go to Groups and Users > Groups.
  12. Search for the domain group you created and click on the name to edit the properties:


  13. The following window opens up:


    Go to the Filtering tab. Select the spam policy that you just created from the Spam Policy drop-down menu and select Save Changes.
  14. Now the group entry should look as follows:


    Verify that the group shows the correct spam policy.

Now this domain has its own spam policy.

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