Vad är F-Secure Safe Search?

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Vad är F-Secure Safe Search?


F-Secure Safe Search is an Internet search engine provided by Google and F-Secure. F-Secure Safe Search does a security check for each search result that Google provides. You will see a rating showing whether the site is safe to visit or not.


To use Safe Search


  1. Go to
  2. Search what you need.
  3. You'll get the search results with a safety rating.

Safety ratings:


Icon Rating
IS2014-FAQ_status-green.png Safe.

You can safely visit this web site. We didn't find any suspicious behavior in the web site.

IS2014-FAQ_status-yellow.png Suspicious.

You should be careful when visiting this web site. We have found evidence of suspicious behavior on this domain. Please exercise extra caution in visiting this web domain. Don't download any files or enter any personal information to this site.



We highly recommended that you don't visit this site. We have found that this site contains threats to your personal information or PC.



We haven't yet had the time to analyze this site.The safety of this website is unknown.

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