What are the content types for Content Blocker in Parental Control?

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By using Parental control, you can block access to the several content types. The various content types are explained in the following table.

Content type Definition
Adult content Websites that are aimed at an adult audience (over 18) and contain images, videos, or information on sexual content such as nudity and sexual behaviour.
Drugs Websites that contain information on buying, growing, or selling illegal drugs or other controlled substances.
Alcohol and tobacco Websites that display or promote any alcoholic beverages or smoking and tobacco products. For example, websites of bars and nightclubs.
Illegal downloads Websites that provide unauthorized content for downloading. For example, file sharing and software piracy websites.
Hate Websites that may encourage violence against people or persons based on, for example, race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.
Dating Websites that provide a portal for finding a romantic or sexual partner.
Social networks Websites where people can connect with each other, for example social media websites.
Unrated content Websites that are new or unknown to our web filters. The content of these websites cannot be confirmed.
Disturbing Websites that contain images, videos, games, or offer content that is shocking or scary. Also includes other content, for example cults and the occult, that younger children may find disturbing.
Gambling Websites where people can bet online with real money or credit. For example online gambling and lottery websites.
Cults Websites that attract fanatical groups of devotees or promote attacks on religion and other ideologies.
Violence Websites that can contain violent images or videos.
Weapons Websites that contain information on weapons or sell materials that can be used as weapons. For example, knives, bombs, and guns, including toy guns.
Forum Websites with discussion groups, where you can view and post comments, or programs which you can use for creating forums.
Anonymizers Websites that provide anonymous and untraceable communication via the Internet.
Blogs Online diaries, personal web pages, blogs and podcasts.