Enabling database updates in firewall

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This article describes which ports to open in the firewall to enable virus and spam database updates for F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway (FSMSG).

As of February 19th, 2008, new update servers were taken into use at multiple data centers. Because of this, FSMSG should have unrestricted outbound access to any addresses for the following ports:

  • 443 TCP (HTTP/SSL): Dynamic Update Service
  • 80 TCP (HTTP): Zero Hour Anti-Virus queries (only for the licensed or evaluation Zero Hour users)
  • 53 UDP (DNS): netMLX queries

In single appliance environments, all the above ports should be opened. For environments with multiple appliances, outbound port 443 is required for the master and ports 80 and 53 for the agents. Please note that the master may be also acting as an agent (i.e. also it is used to scan the messages) in some installations.

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