Adding a disclaimer to an outgoing e-mail

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This article explains how you can add a footer, such as a disclaimer, to all outbound mail of an F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway (MSG) Server.

Note: This article assumes understanding of and access to the MSG server. If you are not sure, contact F-Secure support for assistance.

To add a disclaimer, you need to create a policy route (or use an existing one) to define the outbound mail and then create an Email Firewall rule to apply the disclaimer (including checking for a previously added disclaimer).

To add a disclaimer:

  1. Go to System > Policy Routes. There should already exist a policy route named "outbound". If it does not exist, create one.

    Note: If the policy route has already been defined, proceed to step3.

  2. Define the policy route to include the IP address(es) which send outbound mail through the F-Secure MSG Server (i.e. Sender IP = or Sender IP in Network =
  3. Go to Email Firewall > Rules and click Add Rule.
  4. Give the new rule an alphanumeric ID and a description.
  5. Click Add Condition.
  6. Select Condition: Policy Route.
  7. Select Operator: Equals.
  8. Select Value: Outbound.
  9. Click Add and New Condition. This keeps you on the Add Condition screen.
  10. Select Add condition as: And.
  11. Select Condition: Message Body Only.
  12. Select Operator: Does Not Contain.
  13. Select Value (Choose keyword(s) from disclaimer carefully, as replies may format text differently).
  14. Click Add Condition. This takes you back to the original rule screen.
  15. Select Delivery Method: Continue.
  16. Check on Annotate message...
  17. Select Add Message.
  18. Select Annotate Location: Bottom of the message.
  19. Enter the disclaimer text in the text box. In version 5.0 and newer, you can use HTML tags and text in the field as long as you begin the text with the tag and end it with the tag.
  20. Scroll to the top and click Add Rule.
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