Accepting e-mails regardless of the domain they have been sent to

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This article explains how to accept all incoming e-mails regardless of the domain they have been sent to.

If it is necessary to accept all inbound mail traffic regardless of the domain they have been sent to, do as follows:

  1. Go to Appliance/Inbound Mail.
  2. Insert a dot (.) to the Mail for Host / Domain field.
  3. Keep the Mailer as the default ("ESMTP") unless your e-mail server requires "SMTP". See the note below about security issues.
  4. Type in the actual mail server IP address or DNS name to the Route to Host(s) / Domain(s) field.
  5. If necessary, change the Lookup By and Delivery Type settings to match your environment.
  6. Click Save Changes to finish the configuration.

In this way all the domains receiving e-mails in your organization do not need to be inserted into the Inbound Mail Relay table.

Note: Make sure that your actual e-mail server treats all the e-mails coming from your F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway IP address as inbound traffic if you configure the product as described here. Also, do not select DNS in the Mailer table because there is a risk of opening your e-mail server or F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway to act as an open SMTP relay which can be accessed from the Internet by spammers.

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