Updating F-Secure Linux Security databases manually

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This article explains how you can update the F-Secure Linux Security virus databases manually.

Note: This article assumes deep technical understanding of both F-Secure's products and the relevant operating system. If you are unsure, contact F-Secure support for assistance.

To update the virus definition databases for F-Secure Linux Security manually from the command line:

  1. Download the fsdbupdate9.run file from http://download.f-secure.com/latest/fsdbupdate9.ru n. The file is a self-extracting file that stops the AUA daemon, updates the databases and restarts the AUA.
  2. As a root user, run the
    dbupdate fsdbupdate9.run
    command where fsdbupdate9.run is the absolute or relative path to the fsdbupdate9.run file.