Ilauncher command line parameters

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This article provides you with information about the Ilauncher command line parameters.

The following optional command line parameters can be added to Ilauncher:
  • /user:domain\username

    This parameter specifies the user account and the domain name. The domain name is optional and can be left out.

  • /passwordsecret
    /password:"secret with spaces"

    This parameter specifies the password of the user account.

The Ilauncher functionality remains the same if neither of these two parameters is given. If only one of the parameters is given, Ilauncher returns an error code. If both parameters are given, Ilauncher starts the setup program by using CreateProcessWithLoginW instead of CreateProcess.

Ilauncher is located in the \F-Secure\Common folder if you want to see all other parameters that can be used. When you double-click ilaunchr.exe, a window opens, listing all the parameters available. Alternatively, you can open the window by typing the following command in the command prompt in the common directory:

Ilaunchr /help