Understanding the intermediate server failover time setting

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This article explains how the intermediate server failover time setting found in F-Secure Automatic Update Agent (FSAUA) works.

Intermediate server failover time setting

The intermediate server failover time setting specifies (in hours) the failover time to connect to F-Secure Policy Manager Server (PMS). If the product cannot connect to PMS within the specified failover time, it will try to fetch the virus definition updates from F-Secure Update Server if the Allow fetching updates from F-Secure Update Server option is turned on.

The setting can be found configured in F-Secure Policy Manager Console (PMC) (advanced mode) and in the F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange / F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper web console: F-Secure Automatic Update Agent > Settings > Communications > Intermediate Server failover time.

Additional information

As mentioned above, it is important to note that the setting only affects connections to PMSs. If a host is set to download updates directly from F-Secure's update servers (e.g. fsbwserver.f-secure.com), then this setting will not trigger.

Also, the setting will only trigger upon an automatically-scheduled check. It does not apply if the user clicks Check now to force an update check. In this case, FSAUA will immediately connect to F-Secure's update server if the connection to the PMS/AUS fails.