Spam scanning is not working

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In F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange, the spam scanning is not working.


You have installed and configured F-Secure Anti-Virus for MS Exchange. E-mail scanning is working well since it is blocking e-mails, quarantining them and rejecting them correctly. However, you have an issue in spam scanning (known as Spam Control) because it does not seem to work. It suddenly stopped working and currently states that the "number of processed messages is 0".


To solve the problem, you should check that Content Filtering (the setting on Intelligent Message Filtering in MS Exchange) does not include the sender or recipient IP addresses.

If the sender or recipient address has been added to the "IP Allow List'", MS Exchange Content Filtering sets a value -1 to its e-mail, and the e-mail is not going through F-Secure's spam scanning. If the Content Filtering includes any of the IP addresses, MS Exchange, F-Secure or any of the third-party tools are not performing the content filtering against the e-mail messages. Otherwise, if FSAV for MS Exchange detects flag -1, Spam Control will not check the e-mail.

Note, however, that the e-mail is still checked against viruses on Transport/Storage levels.