Changing the directory for log files

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This article describes how you can change the directory for the log files in Internet Gatekeeper.

The log files are saved in the following directory:
/opt/f-secure/fsigk/log/ ("fsigk" package)
/home/virusgw/log/ ("virusgw" package)

If you want to change the directory where the log files are to be saved, you can make a symbolic link in the following way:

Note: In this example, we will change the directory to
  1. ("fsigk" package)
    # mv /opt/f-secure/fsigk/log /var/log/new_logdir
    # ln -s /var/log/new_logdir /opt/f-secure/fsigk/log
  2. ("virusgw" package)
    # mv /home/virusgw/log /var/log/new_logdir
    # ln -s /var/log/new_logdir /home/virusgw/log