Windows login taking longer than usual after installing the product

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Windows login is taking exceptionally long after installing the F-Secure product.


After having installed the F-Secure product on several workstations in the network, you notice that the Windows login is taking longer than usual, even up to several minutes before it is completed.

You are using a centrally-managed installation. The problematic setting which had been changed to a non-default value is the following:

F-secure anti-virus // settings // settings for real-time protection // scanning options // limit scanning time

By default, this setting is 25 seconds, and it has been changed to 3 minutes. The setting controls the maximum time the on-access scanning spends scanning any particular file. The setting is per scanner engine.

F-Secure does not recommend that you change the default value as this has an adverse impact on the performance.


To resolve this issue, change the non-default value back to the default value, i.e. 25 seconds, and distribute the new policies.