Using wildcards in exclusions for manual scanning

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This article provides information on how to exclude files from manual scanning in F-Secure Anti-virus products using wildcard characters.

About syntax in wildcards

The syntax used in exclusions differs between F-Secure products depending on whether the product is an older or newer version.
  • Older product versions: Server Security 12.x, Email and Server Security 12.x, and Client Security 12.x, and their premium versions.
  • Newer product versions: Client Security 13.x, Client Security 14.x, and their premium versions.
What to remember:
  • For older product versions, use double backslashes: "\\" (used as an escape character). All slashes in the path need to be typed out twice in this way. The path is not case-sensitive.
  • Use only drive letters; for example:
    • C:\*\ (newer product versions)
    • C:\\*\\ (older product versions)
  • If you use a single character wildcard ?, always start the exclusion with an asterisk; for example:
    • *\eica?.com (newer product versions)
    • *\\eica?.com (older product versions)

Note: The older format with double backslashes works in both older and newer product versions. The newer format with single backslashes only works in newer product versions, however.