Cleaning compressed files

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This article explains how to clean or disinfect a compressed file.


Handling infection in a compressed file


Compressed files are files created with Winzip, Winrar or other file archivers. Common file extensions used with compressed files include ZIP, RAR, CAB and GZ.


With the current versions of F-Secure products, you cannot automatically disinfect a file that is inside a compressed file.


To disinfect a file which has been found infected inside an archive, do as follows:

  1. Manually extract the files.
  2. Try to disinfect (or just delete) the infected file(s).
  3. Repack the files again.

More information


Currently, no malware is known to infect straight from compressed files. For such an infection to occur, the executable file would need to be extracted to a temporary location first in which case the F-Secure product would detect it before it could be launched by the user.

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