When email alerts are configured in F-Secure Policy Manager 14.x, is the alerts being sent from Poli

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I would like to verify if the email alerts are sent from the Policy Manager or the individual host when configured. Must the host installed with F-Secure Client Security 14.x be in the same network with the Policy Manager or connected to the company VPN for the alerts to be sent via email?


The alerts are being sent to the configured email recipients by the F-Secure Policy Manager and not from the host installed with F-Secure Client Security.

The host installed with F-Secure Client Security will upload the information to F-Secure Policy Manager and the product will proceed to send the alerts to the configured email recipients. If the F-Secure Client Security is not connected to the F-Secure Policy Manager, the host would not be abe to upload the status information for the F-Secure Policy Manager to send the alerts.

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