F-Secure Computer Protection 19.9 Software Updater is not installing Citrix, Java and Microsoft Cumu

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My F-Secure Computer Protection 19.9 Software Updater is displaying installation failed, try again for Windows 10 Cumulative Updates. As for Citrix and Java updates, I get a message that manual file download required, how can I fix this?


If you come across installation errors for Microsoft cumulative updates such as e.g. Return Code: -2145124329 in the Software Updater logs, this translates to error code 0xFFFFFFFF*80240017. You can refer to the Microsoft documentation explaining the error code.

Some updates such as Citrix or Java couldn’t be installed automatically for the following reasons: 

  • End-user needs to enter the CAPTCHA
  • End-user has to accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • End-user has to log in
If F-Secure Software Updater received the status that manual download required for some particular update, then it stops the installation of this update. In this case, you would need to proceed to download and install the updates manually.

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