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I got a call from someone who claims that they're a "Microsoft employee". They want to remote access to the computer because it is infected. What should I do?


This is a scam call, a Microsoft employee would never call in that way. Immediately end the call without giving them any information.

They might try to scare you by telling that there is an infection on your computer, and that they'd like you to install some software or give them remote access to the device. This is a ruse to either infect your computer, or scam you further into giving credit card or bank details.   

Never install anything they request, allow them remote access to your computer or give them personal information. 

In the event that you did what the scammer requested:

  • If you installed something they directed, uninstall that software and run a full virus-scan on your computer
  • If you gave them remote access to your computer, the safest thing to do would be to reset the whole device
  • If you gave your card/bank details, contact your bank immediately 
  • Change your password login information to services that might have been compromised 

If you'd like to read more, here is Microsoft's own article about this issue.  


Article no: 000001678

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