How to troubleshoot Anti Spam on F-Secure Email and Server Security if the filter is not working?

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  • Anti Spam module does not report any email detected as spam.
  • Anti Spam module does not work.


Anti-Spam troubleshoot checklist for Email and Server Security 14.00

  • Check that Anti-Spam updates are downloaded.
  1. Open F-Secure Server Security GUI and go to Tools. Click on Check for updates, and see if the target server has installed the latest F-Secure AntiSpam Update. This will be visible under Update History. 
  1. If the connectivity works, it will show:{"benchmarkInterval":3600,"benchmark":1,"servers":[""],"statsInterval":1800,"enforceSSL":true,"benchmarkThreshold":5,"disableThreshold":10}
  2. If the connectivity does not work, you need to enable  * and * on your Firewall
  3. If your environment uses http proxy, then the anti-spam engine needs to be configured to use the same proxy. This can be done using Policy Manager Console.
Note: Anti-spam engine is a cloud-based solution, so it will simply not work if it doesn't have a working connection to the detection center as F-Secure Emal and Server Security sends request to

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