Policy-based upgrades and installations are failing with error status "download interrupted"

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We are using the policy-based installation option to upgrade our clients, from which we receive status "Failed: download interrupted" 


By default F-Secure Policy Manager Server can handle a maximum of 50 simultaneous package download requests. If the network cannot handle the bandwidth required for 50 simultaneous downloads, the policy-based installation or upgrade operation might fail. This error can also be the result of, if you have a sub-network with low bandwidth, which tries to fetch packages for several minutes.

For a network with low bandwidth, that can not handle such a high network load, we recommend to use the  F-Secure Policy Manager Proxy as an option.
Policy Manager Proxy offers a solution to bandwidth problems in distributed installations of Client Security and Server Security by significantly reducing load on the networks. More about this topic can be found here. 

Another solution, which can decrease the network load, is to use the additional_java_args setting: -DmaxSynchronousPackageRetrievalRequests=25

This settings changes the maximum number of simultaneously handled package download requests for policy-based installations. 

You can apply this change on your F-Secure Policy Manager Server by following these steps:

  1. Open the Command Prompt as an administrator and use the command net stop fsms (This command stops the F-Secure Policy Manager Server service)
  2. Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Data Fellows > F-Secure > Management Server 5
  3. Select additional_java_args and double-click it
  4. Enter the following string to Value Data: -DmaxSynchronousPackageRetrievalRequests=25
  5.  Use net start fsms command to start the F-Secure Policy Manager Server service
Note: If there is no existing additional_java_args registry entry, you can create one. Set the type as REG_SZ.


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