How to block a domain using F-Secure Email and Server Security

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I have blocked  a domain via Anti Spam "Blocked list",  but we still receive mails from this domain.
What can be set here to prevent such mails from getting through?


Note: Spam control settings allow you to configure how the product scans incoming mail for spam. The threat detection engine can identify spam and virus patterns from the message envelope, headers and body during the first minutes of the new spam or virus outbreak.

Check incoming email messages for spam: Specify whether incoming mails are scanned for spam

Specify the spam filtering level: All messages with the spam filtering level lower than the specified value can pass through. Spam filtering level Decreasing the level allows less spam to pass, but more regular mails may be falsely identified as spam. Increasing the level allows more spam to pass, but a smaller number of regular email messages are falsely identified as spam. For example, if the spam filtering level is set to 3,more spam is filtered, but also more regular mails may be falsely identified as spam. If the spam filtering level is set to 7, more spam may pass undetected, but a smaller number of regular mails will be falsely identified as spam.

You can set the spam filtering level according to your needs and preferences, however the advise is to set it to 5.

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If you want to block a domain or email address using Spam filter module, you can do that by creating black or block list.
This can be done using Email and Server Security Web Console or Policy Manager Console.

How to set the blacklist using Email and Server Security Web Console:

  1. Go to Spam Control and navigate to Safe / blocked senders or recipients 
  2. By the Blocked section, edit your existing list or create new list for blocked senders and blocked recipients
  3. Enter the domain or emails you wish to block and safe the changes
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The match list can be found also under Settings > List. There you will find the global list for all type of filters you have set.

For more about Spam filter, you can refer to the admin guide.

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