Push installation of Client Security from Policy Manager fails with error code 53

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I am trying to push a Client Security installation from the Policy Manager, but the installation fails with error code 53.


Error code 53 means that the network path was not found:
53 (0x35)
The network path was not found.

System Error Codes (Windows)

Make sure, that:

  1. The installation account have enough rights (has to be local or domain administrator).

  2. Enable the Remote registry service on the clients (To enable remote registry service go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Remote registry).

  3. Admin$ shares is enable on the client as well as the PMS, please try to access the admin$ share drive on the client from PMS and vice versa to confirm on this.

  4. Windows Firewall is disable in the service on both clients and PMS, to avoid blocking the network traffic from getting through.

  5. Both Policy manager and workstation are in the same network.

  6. Certain Inbound traffic need to be allowed for the workstation such as RPC(TCP 135 Port), NetBios (137-139) and SMB (TCP 445 port) on your firewall (if there's any)

  7. On the client, go to Control Panel->Administrative tools->Local security policy->Local policies-> Security Options - Network Access: sharing and security model for local accounts, check that setting. Make sure is Classic - local users authenticate as themselves" 

  8. Otherwise you can create an .msi package and run the installation locally on the client, you can find more information about that here:


Article no: 000001685