The differences between F-Secure SENSE Router and F-Secure SENSE

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F-Secure SENSE Router and F-Secure SENSE are the names of the two F-Secure products designed to protect your connected home. The two products are sold through different channels and have separate apps that are named accordingly.

Note: The apps are not interchangeable. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have the right app for the product in use.

F-Secure SENSE Router is F-Secure's hardware solution for your connected home, which was launched in May 2017 and is sold as part of F-Secure TOTAL in selected regions. As part of developing our product portfolio, we recently changed the original name from F-Secure SENSE to F-Secure SENSE Router. The reason for this change is that the new name reflects the nature of the product more accurately.

F-Secure SENSE is our connected home security solution, which is pre-installed in 3rd party routers and sold by select Telco operators and broadband providers as part of their offering to their end customers. Zyxel -- a household name as a router vendor, is among the first to partner with us and is selling this solution to its Telco operator customers in the US, and later expanding to Europe.

As these products are two separate products, the feature sets may vary, although the basic principle of connected home security is very similar in both.

For F-Secure SENSE, the feature set may also vary by service provider, as some service providers may provide the solution with their own app, choosing to add more features to it.

As for F-Secure SENSE Router, we are continuing to sell and maintain the SENSE Router offering in the same way as before, providing regular firmware and app updates.

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