Policy Manager is displaying security alert: "Software Updater Database is x Days old"

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  • The F-Secure Policy Manager Console is showing a security alert saying that the "Software Updater Database is x days old"
  • fspms-software-updater.log includes error: WARN [c.f.p.s.s.d.VersionCheckingFileDownloader] - Unexpected status="403 Forbidden" when connecting to url="https://content.ivanti.com/data/partner/manifestAlt/partner.manifest.xml" without a proxy


This security alert will be displayed if the Policy Manager Server has been unable to download the newest Software Updater database in a week. 

If you are using F-Secure Policy Manager Server 13.12 or earlier, upgrade to version 13.13. If you are using F-Secure Policy Manager Server 14.00 or 14.01, upgrade to 14.10 or later. You can download the latest Policy Manager version from this page.

If you are still encountering this issue after upgrading to the latest F-Secure Policy Manager Server version, make sure your server is able to access the following URL: https://content.ivanti.com/data/oem/FSecure/data/93/manifest/partner.manifest.xml


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