How to remove malicious files, viruses, malware manually? F-Secure SAFE/Internet Security did not r

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How to remove malicious files, viruses, malware manually? F-Secure did not remove them automatically.


There are few reasons why F-Secure product cannot remove or clean the detected file after virus scanning was completed, such as:

  • The file is located inside an archive (for example a ZIP,RAR,7z etc)
  • The file is read-only media file (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM etc)
  • The file is encoded within an email message
  • The system does not have a permission to delete the file
  • The file is a temporary file created by an application, like browser downloads in progress, network streams and similar
Open the scanning report to find the location of the detected file(s).
  1. Open F-Secure SAFE/Internet Security
  2. Select Tools
  3. Choose Recent Events
  4. Click Scanning Report
Locate the skipped file in the scanning report and follow the filepath, for example: C:\Users\xx\xxx\xxxxxx\xxxxxx\

Try the following instructions to manually remove the detected item(s):
  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Copy the filepath (without the item filenames) where the detected item is located
  3. Paste the copied path into the Address Bar in File Explorer
  4. Delete the detected file / the whole archive manually

Note: If the file path indicates that the file is placed inside an Outlook file, then you can delete all your emails with attachments. It is possible to locate the file, but that process is complicated. The file is not dangerous, because the F-Secure program has identified the file, and will not allow the file to run on the computer. 

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