I want to buy more F-secure SAFE or TOTAL licenses through My F-Secure but it only allows me to rene

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I can't buy more licenses from My F-Secure account, there is only a "renew" button that gives me a full price yearly renewal. There is no option to buy more licenses. 


When you only have option to renew with full price instead of buying more licenses during existing period, you most likely have activated your current subscription with a code.

If a subscription has been activated by adding a code to My F-Secure account, you will not be able to buy more licenses for the time you have left on your account. You can only buy more licenses during existing subscription if your latest purchase is via F-Secure online store. 

If you want to increase the number of licenses on your My F-Secure account, you can buy a full price renewal with the increased license number through My F-secure. The subscription period will be extended by that time and the number of licenses in the original subscription will match the new renewal subscription. 

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