Devices installed with PSB products are not appearing in the PSB Portal when installed using MSI ins

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This article applies to the following F-Secure products: PSB Computer Protection, PSB Server Protection

When I installed PSB Computer Protection/Server Protection using .msi installer, the devices are not listed in the PSB portal.


As .msi installer has no subscription key attached to it, you are required to manually enter the key (prompt for the key should appear during first time launch of Computer/Server Protection) after installation is completed. This is different to .exe installer where the subscription key needs to be selected from the Portal when generating the installation file, thus the subscription key is exported with the installer. Example:

  • .msi installer: OfflineInstallerCP-PSB1.msi
  • .exe installer: PSBInstaller-PSB1[AAA1-BBB2-CCC3-DDDD-EEE4].exe
For Group Policy (GPO) installation or third-party remote management tools and how to append the subscription key to the installer, you can refer to the following link:

Article no: 000016248

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