F-Secure Email and Server Security 14.00 does not recognize the changes made from Policy Manager Con

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  • After upgrading F-Secure Email and Server Security from Version 12.12 to 14.00 which is managed via Policy Manager Console, the changes we make via Policy Manager Console are not applied on the target servers.
  • Attachments are filtered using the incoming policy route rule, and we want each email route to use their ow filter rules.


The issue is caused by the list of internal domains and senders getting corrupted during the upgrade.

Please open a support ticket and ask Customer Care to provide you the hotfix FSESS1400-HF01

Follow the steps bellow to apply the Hotfix to centrally managed computers:

  1. In F-Secure Policy Manager Console, select Installation tab, import the downloaded jar file
  2. Select appropriate domain or host and press Install button. Select this hotfix FSESS1400-HF01 and distribute policies
  3. Reset internal domains and internal sender from Policy Manager and distribute policies.
The hotfix does not require a restart of the server.

Article no: 000019741