Uninstallation of F-Secure Linux Security 11.xx

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How do I uninstall / remove F-Secure Linux Security 11.xx?


Follow these steps to fully remove F-Secure Linux Security 11.xx: 

  1. Execute the following script as root: 
    # /opt/f-secure/fsav/bin/uninstall-fsav
  2. Check, if any of the following three directories remain:
    # /etc/opt/f-secure
    # /opt/f-secure
    # /var/opt/f-secure
  3. If any of those directories still exists, manually remove them:
    # rm -rf/etc/opt/f-secure
    # rm -rf/opt/f-secure
    # rm -rf/var/opt/f-secure
  4. This will remove all parts of the Linux Security 11.xx product

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