I have accidentally purchased a new F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL subscription outside my account instead of

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Purchased a new F-Secure SAFE/TOTAL subscription instead of renewing an existing account


You have a few options with how you can proceed:

  • If you have created a new account with a new license, you can:
  1. Log out from the expired F-Secure program by clicking your name in the right-hand corner and select Log out
  2. Once you are completely logged out, click Later in the next dialogue box
  3. Launch the F-Secure program again and you will be prompt to log in
  4. Proceed to use the new credentials of your renewed F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL account
  5. Complete the installation
  • If you have not activated the newly purchase subscription (with a different email address) and want it to be merged into your existing account, contact F-Secure Support for assistance.
Note: You may also create a new account with another email address (if you have any) and then proceed with reinstalling F-Secure SAFE.

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