Creating a PSB admin account with the same email address as a Partner Portal account

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The administrator creation page in the PSB-Portal gives responses "The login name is already taken" and "The email address is already in use" when trying to use information already used by a Partner Portal account. Is there anyway to use the same information for both accounts?


It is possible to have both accounts using the same login and email information. This however requires that the PSB admin account is created first, followed by the registration to the Partner Portal. If a Partner Portal account has already been registered and you want to use the same information for a PSB admin account, the F-Secure support team can help you with releasing the email so that it can be used to create a PSB admin account. If a user has had previous access to Partner portal, they will not need to re-register once the PSB admin account has been created. These user accounts will receive Partner Portal access automatically, while new users will have to separately register.

Article no: 000016807