Unable to receive WMI Queries from Namespace "Root\SecurityCenter" after upgrade to F-Secure Server

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Solarwind script unable to receive WMI Queries from Namespace "root\SecurityCenter" or "root\SecurityCenter2" after upgrading from F-Secure Server Security 12.xx to 14.xx. With F-Secure Server Security 12.xx the queries work.



  • The namespace "root\SecurityCenter" is available on Windows client systems of version Windows XP and below.
  • The namespace "root\SecurityCenter*2*" is available starting from Windows Vista and above.
  • Neither "root\SecurityCenter" nor "root\SecurityCenter*2*" is available on Windows server systems.
  • Both namespaces belong to Microsoft and are not documented by them. That means no one can reliably use (read/write to) them except Microsoft's products.
  • F-Secure products never read or write to "root\SecurityCenter" or "root\SecurityCenter*2*" directly and thus don't guarantee anything about the contents of these namespaces. The F-Secure product register itself in the system and Windows client (not server) systems reflect this information in "root\SecurityCenter" and "root\SecurityCenter*2*" (depending on Windows version) namespace.
  • Why F-Secure Server Security is available via "root\SecurityCenter" then? This happens because a third-party product (Solarwinds client) creates and fills this namespace on Windows server systems.   
To resolve the issue: 
  • Use the namespace "root\fsecure". The namespace belongs to F-Secure and therefore is supported by F-Secure. F-Secure is unable to make guarantees when using other namespace to run WMI queries on F-Secure products.

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