How to set up forwarding alerts to syslog server from F-Secure Policy Manager?

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I have a syslog server, how can I forward alerts from F-Secure Policy Manager Server?


You can set Policy Manager to forward alerts to a third-party syslog server.

Currently, both TCP and UDP transport protocols are supported.

To configure syslog alert forwarding:

  1. Select Tools Server configuration from the menu.
  2. Click Syslog.
  3. Select Forward alerts to syslog and enter the server address.
  • By default, alerts are forwarded to syslog using UDP port number 514. If you want to use a different port, enter the port number after the server address, for example,
  1. Select the message format.
  • Both Syslog (RFC 3614) and Common Event Format messages are supported.
  1. Click OK.
Next to configure Syslog alert forwarding:
  1. Launch Policy Manager Console
  2. Select Settings tab
  3. Switch to Advance View
  4. Under F-Secure Management Agent, select Settings
  5. Select Alerting > Alert Forwarding
  6. Select System logger, syslog checkbox

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