F-Secure Client Security or Server Security push installation failed with Error code 5

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When trying to deploy F-Secure Client Security or Server Security installation from the Policy Manager Console via Push Installation method , user receives error code 5.


Error code 5 means that the host was reachable, but the access from the instructing system / account was denied.

Verify these points, to ensure the push installation can be instructed and executed on the remote host:

  • The installation account has appropriate permission on the host (has to be local or domain administrator)
  • Enable the remote registry service on the host: Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> Remote registry
  • Administrator share is enabled on the target host (this share is utilized by the push installation procedure)
  • Both Policy Manager Server and workstation are on the same network
  • Certain inbound traffic needs to be allowed to the host, such as RPC (TCP 135 Port), NetBios (137-139)  and SMB (TCP 445 port)

In case the target host is running on Windows 8 or newer, the following registry should be set on the remote host to enable access to the admin share


Article no: 000002086