How to upgrade F-Secure Policy Manager to a newer version on a Windows Server?

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How to upgrade F-Secure Policy Manager to a newer version on a Windows Server?


Database maintenance is automatically started as part of any Policy Manager upgrade or re-installation to ensure that the database structure is compatible with the latest version.

The maintenance tool creates a backup of your database, after which it verifies the database integrity and then applies the updated schema to the contents of the database. It also cleans up any invalid data to optimize the size and performance of the database.

To upgrade from a previous version of F-Secure Policy Manager, we recommend that you first back up your existing Policy Manager data:

  1. Create a full backup of the Policy Manager data (H2 database, preferences and other files). The backups are stored in the <F-Secure installation folder>\Management Server 5\data\backup folder. For more information about how to do a full backup, consult Policy Manager Administrator Guide.
  2. Download the newest F-Secure Policy Manager installation file from the downloads page
  3. Run the F-Secure Policy Manager setup on a computer that has the Policy Manager components installed
  4. The Policy Manager setup recommends that you upgrade the components that are installed on the computer. Continue with the default options to upgrade the installed components while keeping the existing configuration

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