Why did I not receive my F-Secure SAFE/TOTAL subscription or activation code after renewing?

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I bought F-secure SAFE / TOTAL from the F-Secure homepage but I didn't notice any subscription or activation code. Why is it missing?


Please note that F-Secure SAFE / F-Secure TOTAL does not use any subscription or activation codes when you have purchased the subscription via the F-secure online store. 

When purchasing a F-secure SAFE / TOTAL subscription, you will be directed to create a My F-Secure account from which you are able to install the product to your devices. 

If you have renewed via your existing My F-Secure account, all the devices installed from that My F-secure account will automatically update to the new subscription expiry date. 

Only time F-Secure SAFE / TOTAL subscription codes can be found is via retail (box) purchases and via some campaigns.


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