How to install F-secure SAFE on child's Android phone with Family Rules?

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Customer inquired on how to install F-Secure Safe on his/her child's Android without having them to login using their email and password on the child's device.


Below are the steps on how to send the installation link either via Email or SMS.

  1. Log in to My F-Secure with your account username and password on your computer or any device
  2. Once logged in, click/tap Add device. 
  3. Select My child's device, and click/tap Continue.
  4. Then when Choose device type window appears, tap on Phone Android/iphone
  5. Click Continue, then you shall see 'Send SAFE installation link to your child's device via email or SMS'.
  6. Here you can choose to send by email or Send by SMS.
  7. Once key in the details to Send by email or Send by SMS , click Send.
  8. The installation link will be send accordingly.

Or you can directly install from PlayStore:
  1. Using your child's Android, open the PlayStore
  2. Tap Search
  3. Type SAFE Internet Security & Mobile Antivirus in the search box
  4. Under SAFE Internet Security & Mobile Antivirus, tap Get
  5. Tap Open
  6. Tap Accept and allow all the upcoming notifications
  7. Tap Log in
  8. Enter your My F-Secure email and password (main user's)
  9. Tap Log in
  10. Tap Installing for a child? at the bottom
  11. Enter the name and age
  12. App control: choose whether each app (new or already existing) should be,
    • Time-limited
    • Always allowed
    • Blocked
    • When ready, tap Next.
  13. Time limits: Time limits allow you to control when and for how long your child can use SAFE browser.
    • To set the daily use limits, tap Edit (pencil icon) and slide the slider to the desired time length for weekdays and weekends. Once done, tap the Tick icon to save the settings.
    • To set bedtime (prevent device use during night-time), tap Edit (pencil icon) and specify the time frame for school nights and weekends. Once done, tap the Tick icon.
    • Tap Next.
  14. Content filtering:

    Content filtering blocks certain types of website content when browsing with the Safe Browser.

    • Select by checking the boxes the content categories you want to block for your child.
    • Tap Next.
  15. Almost ready. Tap Next
  16. Family Rules needs device administrator permissions to protect your child from harmful content. Press Continue
  17. Press Activate to grant F-Secure SAFE the device administrator permissions
  18. HUAWEI ONLY: If the  mobile phone has Ultra power saving mode, in the next step you need to:
    • Tap Settings
    • Enable Ultra power saving mode
    • While in this mode, tap an empty square and add F-Secure SAFE. When it's activated, press the right hand corner to exit the mode.
    • Return back to the program
    • Tap Next
    • Press Continue if you started F-Secure SAFE in Ultra power saving mode successfully
  19. Press continue under Turn on accessibility
  20. Scroll down, choose F-Secure SAFE and activate it with the switch, then press OK
  21. Press Finish
  22. Your child's device is now protected

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