F-secure SAFE Family Rules don't work on my child's Huawei Android phone

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F-secure SAFE Family Rules don't work on my child's Huawei Android phone Customer has a Huawei android phone.


Due to the aggressive power management functionality in Huawei Android devices, the F-secure SAFE app may get terminated by the operating system in an attempt to extend battery life. This may affect the Family Rules feature in F-secure SAFE preventing it from working properly. 

When setting up Family rules on your device, there's a prompt about Ultra power saving mode. When you see this, the next step you need to:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Enable Ultra power saving mode
  3. While in this mode, tap an empty square and add F-Secure SAFE. When it's activated, press the right hand corner to exit the mode.
  4. Return back to the program
  5. Tap Next
  6. Press Continue if you started F-Secure SAFE in Ultra power saving mode successfully

Now F-Secure SAFE should work on your child's device.

    If the the Ultra power saving mode is not activated on your Huawei device, it turns everything off except for Phone, SMS and Contacs. F-secure SAFE is also turned off. 

    Note: If you have EMUI 8.0 you can do the following:
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Choose Battery
    3. Tap Launch
    4. Select F-Secure SAFE
    5. Choose Run in background

    Note: You must re-set the above steps after restarting the device as EMUI does not keep the setting over a restart of the device.

    If the above does not help, please try:

    1. Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Apps -> Settings ->  Special Access -> Ignore battery optimisation -> F-Secure SAFE -> "Allow (May drain your battery more quickly) -> OK.
    2. Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Apps -> Settings ->  Special Access -> Write System Settings -> IF  F-Secure SAFE is there, click it -> "Allow write system settings"

    If you have an older EMUI (<8.0) on your Huawei device: 

    1. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings
    2. Select Battery manager > Protected apps
    3. Find F-secure SAFE from the list and toggle the switch to the On position

    NOTE that we cannot guarantee that even with these settings F-secure SAFE will work on Huawei. This is due to it's own Android limitations. 

    Article no: 000003725