Policy Manager 14.20 Web reporting not displaying Organization Unit or host when logged in as sub ad

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Sub admins imported via active directory gets the error "No existing transaction found for transaction marked with propagation 'mandatory'. To get back to the Web Reporting main page click here" when they select any host on their domain structure in Policy Manager 14.20 Web Reporting.

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A hotfix has been created that will resolve the issue. The fix will be included in the upcoming F-Secure Policy Manager 14.30 version. Contact F-Secure Customer Service here to obtain the hotfix.

Once you have obtained the hotfix, follow these steps to install the hotfix:

For Policy Manager Windows:

  1. Extract the file somewhere in the server (e.g. Desktop)
  2. Exit the Policy Manager Console
  3. Launch command prompt as administrator
  4. To stop Policy Manager Server services, type the following below and hit enter:
  • net stop fsms
  1. Copy and replace the fixed fspms-webapp-1-SNAPSHOT.jar in <Policy Manager Server installation folder>\F-Secure\Management Server 5\lib
  2. Start Policy Manager Server services by typing the following below in the elevated command prompt and hit enter:
  • net start fsms
For Policy Manager Linux:
  1. Stop the F-Secure Policy Manager Server services by executing the following command:
  • # /etc/init.d/fspms stop
  1. Copy the fix to the folder /opt/f-secure/fspms/lib
  2. Start the F-Secure Policy Manager Server services by the typing the following command below and hit enter:
  • # /etc/init.d/fspms restart

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