Policy Manager fails to start the Automatic Update Server process (bwserver) due to an issue with se

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By default, Linux distributions set a umask of 022. However, if this is modified e.g. to harden the underlying system, it can cause a problem where the Automatic Update Server process (bwserver) fails to start. This is due to the process bwserver not being able to read its own config-file /etc/opt/f-secure/fsaus/conf/server.cfg.

This will prevent legacy clients from downloading updates from the Policy Manager Server. Legacy clients include:

  • Email and Server Security version 12.x and older 
  • Server Security 12.x and older
  • Client Security versions older than 13.x.


The workaround is to manually set the permission for server.cfg after installation and restart the fspms daemon.

As root execute the following commands:

# chown fspms.fspms /etc/opt/f-secure/fsaus/conf/server.cfg
# /etc/init.d/fspms restart

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