How to change the subscription key of F-Secure PSB Computer Protection or Server Protection via the

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How to remotely change the subscription key of F-Secure Computer Protection or F-Secure Server Protection via the PSB Portal?


The Change subscription feature is available only for PSB Computer Protection and PSB Server Protection. PSB Server Security does not support this feature. 

Follow these steps to remotely change a subscription key of a device using the PSB Portal:  

  1. Log into your PSB account
  2. Choose Devices
  3. Select your Clients
  4. Click Change subscription
  5. Input new subscription key for the computer(s)
  6. Click Change
Note: For the subscription key change to work, both the old and new subscription keys have to be on the same PSB company account. You cannot change the subscription key if the keys belong to two different PSB company accounts. 

Users with SOP (Solution provider) level access to the PSB Portal will be able to change subscription between PSB company accounts if the accounts reside in the same PSB Portal.


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