Error output of "System.LimitException: AFSC:Too many queueable jobs added to the queue: 2 (AFSC)" w


I noticed that the following error message is output when a queueable job that adds date field values to related cases on "Case Status Update" is triggered.
This job always starts a new job in the queueable context. Somehow, F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce starts another job in the same context, which leads to the error message.

Error message:
FATAL_ERROR|System.LimitException: AFSC:Too many queueable jobs added to the queue: 2 (AFSC)


If you are using an older version of F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce, proceed to upgrade the application to the latest version and check if there is any improvement.

If the issue persists, proceed to report the issue by contacting F-Secure Support. In order for us to collect the debug logs and investigate the issue further at our end, you need to:

  • Allow us the remote login access to your Salesforce organization
  • Provide us with detail instructions on how to reproduce the issue

Article no: 000010629

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