F-Secure PSB Computer Protection Web traffic scanning feature is blocking an internal server or webs

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  • If the Web Traffic Scanning feature is enabled in PSB Computer Protection, the connection to an internal server or website is really slow or fully blocked.
  • Software that connects to the internal server hang up or freeze. 
  • Disabling Web Traffic Scanning feature fixes the connection issues. 


The F-Secure Online Safety 2019-11-19_01 update has caused some issues with the Web Traffic Scanning feature. Until an update that fixes the issue is released, the workaround is to exclude the internal server from being scanned by the Web Traffic Scanning Feature. 

Follow these steps to exclude the server:

  1. Log in to PSB Portal
  2. Go to the Profiles page
  3. Select the profile you want to edit
  4. Go to the Browsing Protection settings
  5. Enable Web site exceptions
  6. Click Add site under Allowed sites
  7. Enter the server address / hostname 
  8. Click Save and publish 
If the software uses a specific port to connect to the server, you can for example enter the hostname like this: EXAMPLESERVER:8080


Article no: 000018333