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How do I take fingerprint login into use in F-Secure KEY?

JaliJali Posts: 1,777

If your mobile device supports fingerprint recognition, you can use your fingerprint to log in to F-Secure KEY.

Note: Before you can use your fingerprint to unlock KEY, you first need to register your fingerprint. Consult the device user manual to find out how to take fingerprint recognition into use in your device.

In KEY, you can take the fingerprint login into use

  • during KEY setup when creating your Master Password; OR
  • later on the KEY login view by selecting the Use fingerprint to unlock next time checkbox.

Make sure you don't forget your Master Password as you will still need it occasionally, for example after every software upgrade.

Also, we strongly recommend that you create a Master Password Recovery Code. It is the only way you can access your KEY data if you forget your Master Password.

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