PSB portal shows overall protection status as disconnected or not yet connected even though Freedome

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  • The Devices-list in the PSB Portal shows overall protection status for a device as Disconnected even though Last connection is within 7 days
  • After installation, the device status in the PSB Portal Devices-list remains set to Not yet connected
In both situations, the Freedome for Business-application seems to be working normally on the device. Protection is set to On and the subscription shows Active.


An interrupted connection between the application and the PSB Portal could be resolved by reinstalling the product.

  1. On the device, uninstall Freedome for Business
  2. Remove the device from the PSB Portal
    1. Log in to the PSB Portal
    2. Go to the Devices-page
    3. Go to the Mobile devices-tab
    4. Select the affected device from the list using the checkbox on the left side of the device name
    5. Click Remove device from the options at the bottom of the page
  3. Perform a new installation of the product
If the issue persists after the reinstall, contact F-Secure Customer Care here for further assistance.

Article no: 000008201