Unable to make changes to settings profiles in PSB portal

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PSB settings profiles can not be modified in the portal

  • Most settings simply states if they are on or off, there are no switches to change the state
  • You can make changes to firewall rules, but there is no option to save and publish to the profile. You can press Done but that only leads to the saving process hanging until you cancel the operation. There is also the option to Save and Publish to multiple profiles, but from the next selection screen the profile where the changes were made to is missing.


This might be caused by the following:

  • Modifications are being made to the default F-Secure profiles. These are set to read-only and can not be modified by anyone
  • Companies can not modify profiles that are owned by Solution Providers (SoP). You can verify that you are the owner of the profile from the list of profiles in the PSB portal
  • The logged in admin account is restricted to read-only

Article no: 000008997