Channel upgrade from F-Secure PSB Server Security to PSB Server Protection does not start the upgrad

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After enabling the channel upgrade feature from the subscriptions page in PSB Portal, the F-Secure PSB Server Security installations are not upgraded to F-Secure PSB Server Protection.


If you have PSB Server Security installed on the server and it is not upgrading to PSB Server Protection - Here is a list of known issues that cause the channel upgrade to fail:

  • Install missing software updates: We noticed that computers with old version of their operating system displaying a lot of missing critical security update are sometimes not updating. This is typically resolved by installing the missing security update by for example selecting the computers in the device list and using the remote action "install software updates".
  • Unsupported operating system: Refer here for the list of supported platforms
  • Free disc space: Your computer needs to have at least 600MB of free disc space to properly upgrade
  • Free seats (licenses): In rare cases the lack of free seats can block or slow the upgrade. If you have unused computers, it is recommended to use "Remove Computers" in the portal.
  • Reboot: In some cases, the new client will only be installed after re-boot (as it does not trigger the re-boot). 
  • Wait: We are regularly triggering the old client to retry the channel upgrade. The client will try to upgrade three times and wait for the next trigger. 

Article no: 000018226