What is the data transfer speed of F-Secure SENSE Router over ethernet cable or wifi?

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What is the maximum data transfer rate of F-Secure SENSE router over ethernet cable?
What is WiFi capability of F-Secure SENSE?


The routing capacity F-Secure SENSE router is over ethernet cable is roughly between 350-650 Mbit/s when the security features are turned on and will depend on your traffic profile; that is, whether you are just browsing or also downloading files, or uploading content to the Internet or using a streaming service to watch a movie.  In order to test the performance of the Sense router, we would recommend you to try Ookla's Speedtest to measure speeds in different locations around your house.

For instance, in our test environment with internet plan rated at 250 Mbps download and 25 Mbps upload speed. Tried first about 10 feet from the router, again about 30 feet away from office, and again in office basement in the furthest corner from the router, about 40 feet away. 

SENSE creates two different networks, one for each radio, and there's no smart switching between the two like you'd get from a mesh Wi-Fi setup.

F-Secure SENSE Router 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

LocationPingDown SpeedUp Speed
Living Room(10 feet)17ms51.55 Mbps15.54 Mbps
Office/home (30 feet)11ms34.88 Mbps16.01 Mbps
Basement (40 feet)29ms15.72 Mbps8.49 Mbps
F-Secure SENSE Router 5 Ghz Wi-Fi
LocationPingDown SpeedUp Speed
Living Room(10 feet)11ms177.82 Mbps13.98 Mbps
Office/home (30 feet)11ms102.95 Mbps16.00 Mbps
Basement (40 feet)10ms72.99 Mbps   12.83 Mbps

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