Emails to external recipients sent from software not encrypted by MSG

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A software in our environment sends out regular emails to internal and external recipients. A tag is added to the subject line to have these messages encrypted by MSG.
Only the messages intended for internal recipients are being encrypted, all messages from the software to external recipients arrive unencrypted.


Start by verifying that these messages are being routed through the MSG-appliance. It is possible that the software has different routing rules based on domains and that the external traffic isn't routed to the MSG-appliance at all.

In MSG, you can check the details of a message using Smart Search:

  1. Log in to the MSG Web UI
  2. Make sure the System-tab is selected at the top
  3. On the left-hand menu, navigate down to Smart Search-> Search
  4. Use the sender and/or recipient information to search for the message. Do note that the Time-field usually is set to Last 24 Hours, which might be too restrictive, so expanding it to for example Last 7 Days is recommended.
  5. If you find messages, you can verify their encryption status by checking the envelope symbol at the left of the message row. If it has a small lock on it, the message is encrypted. 
  6. Expand the message info by clicking the small + next to the envelope symbol to see more details. Here the Encryption-field should also be set to Proofpoint Encryption/Secure Reader Encrypted if the message is encrypted.
If you find messages that should be encrypted but aren't, open a support ticket so that it can be investigated. Provide the appliance-ID and information about the messages so that we can identify them (sender/recipient info, time when it was sent, subject field text). A sample message saved as .eml or .msg is also useful.

To ensure that we can help you efficiently, please make sure that the following IP-addresses can access the MSG-appliance on ports 22 and 10000:                 F-Secure Support / Kuala Lumpur                   F-Secure Support / HTC Helsinki                     Proofpoint                       Proofpoint                       Proofpoint

Article no: 000018154

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